A Natural Feed and Attractant for All Backyard Wildlife Including Deer, Turkey, Quail and Birds.



We’re Getting Back To Nature With Our Line of Wildlife Feed

Using a proprietary milling process, we extract germ from a kernel of corn and blend it with hard endosperm, creating a unique grit that attracts all wildlife and backyard critters. No fillers, no fancy flavors, and no harmful ingredients. Just an easily consumable and highly digestible corn germ, packed with all-natural ingredients including protein, amino acids, fat, and minerals.

Providing Backyard Wildlife With An All-Natural, Nutritious Food Source


Wildlife Grits can be used in a variety of feeders.

By providing a backyard wildlife feeding station, you will keep critters away from birds, gardens, flowers, plants, and shrubs. Wildlife feeders that are boxes or trays with drain holes allow Wildlife Grits to be sprinkled on the ground. Be sure to place your wildlife feeding station away from bird feeders but still in your viewing area. Wildlife Grits is perfect for rabbits, deer, geese, quail, ducks, turkeys, wild birds, squirrels, and other backyard animals. 


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Get Buck Grits!

Fly High with Backyard Bird Grits!

Please Be Responsible

Check local, county, and state laws for any restrictions. Clean feeders regularly to prevent  disease. Remove any damp, wet, or spoiled food and any animal droppings that could contaminate food and spread disease. Always feed away from your home and consider bringing food inside at night to prevent the nocturnal feeding of nuisance animals.